1st Place: Rachel

Hanna Hsu, 5th Grade, Highland Oaks Elementary School, Arcadia

I believe the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) used for the Clear Water Project should be named RC after Rachel Carson. Rachel investigated the natural environment and cared deeply about keeping it clean. She also wrote books to help change the world, inspiring others to protect the environment. The RC TBM is a machine that is electrically powered and helps the environment by producing less pollution: cleaner air, less noise, and using less energy.

Furthermore, Rachel Carson is a marine biologist, who explored the oceans and studied the diseases of the different marine animals. The tunnel brings clean water to the ocean, helping the animals that live in it. Finally, Rachel's last name is special because Carson is also the name of the city where the TBM begins its journey to the ocean.

If Rachel Carson were here today, she would be proud to see her name put on the machine because the TBM is helping create a tunnel to help recycle water to the ocean. I look up to Rachel Carson because she encouraged the world to protect nature and respect the sea.

2nd Place: Wiley

Nathan Membreno, 7th Grade, Thomas Starr King Middle School, Los Angeles

William Lindley and his son were the first people to make the modern sewer system. William was born on 1802 and died on 1900. He was an engineer and designed the sewer systems for over 30 cities in Europe. I want to name the TBM Wiley because the first part of the name William is Wil and the second part of the name Lindley is key and if you put them together it's Wiley.

3rd Place Tie: Alessia and Ruth


Angelica Ruiz, 7th Grade, Thomas Starr King Middle School, Los Angeles

I'm going to name the TBM, "Alessia." I want to name the TBM Alessia because Alessia means helper and defender in Greek. I also chose this name because the TBM is helping clean the water and it's going to provide clean water for residents. The TBM is also going to be a defender against people who have no water.

I also picked this name because it's simple and the machine is so big and complicated. For example, it is such a big project and so many people are going to be helping and building it. Also in the name of the TBM it has the word "Boring." In conclusion, it should be picked because it means helper it's a fun name in the times we are going through right now.


Lucas Chen, 11th Grade, San Marino High School, San Marino

I believe the Clearwater Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) should be named "Ruth," after the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. There are several reasons why this is both an appropriate and auspicious name for the TBM.

First, TBMs are usually named after women, for good luck. This tradition hails from Saint Barbara, the patron saint of miners. Though we're not bound to a female name for this TBM, it's probably best not to mess with luck. After all, we want the best possible outcome and protection for the workers, the project itself, and for our waterways.

Second, Justice Ginsberg was a trailblazer and a protector of people's rights. Likewise, the Clearwater TBM will literally be blazing a new trail in the creation of a new tunnel, and will also help protect the people's water rights.

Lastly, Justice Ginsberg once famously said, "You can't have it all, all at once." This speaks to the patience we must have, as the TBM moves only five feet at a time, so this project will take a while. However, the end result will be worth it!

For these reasons, I believe the Clearwater Tunnel Boring Machine should simply and aptly be named, "Ruth".